About our Firm

Aitken Legal is here to guide businesses, entrepreneurs and knowledge workers through difficult or complex real-world issues to find a solution crafted to their needs.

Craig Aitken

Founder | Trade Secrecy Lawyer

Providing Big Law expertise with a personal touch, Craig Aitken founded Aitken Legal out of a desire to embrace modern technologies and methods to provide exemplary legal services to businesses, entrepreneurs and individual knowledge workers wrestling with thorny issues relating to the information economy.

Craig first encountered working with classified information as a Navel Combat Information Operator in the Canadian Forces and sailed on several military vessels during this time, and has been fascinated by the subject ever since.


He spent his youth traveling the world when he could. In due course, Craig received a Master’s of International History with distinction from the London School of Economics, and was accepted into its Ph.D. program. However, Craig returned to Canada to attend law school and obtained significant courtroom experience while practising law in national firm and litigation boutique environments. During this time Craig gained broad experience in a range of commercial litigation and insolvency matters. This included high-stakes injunctions and civil search and seizure matters involving fraud or unfair competition resulting from misappropriating trade secrets or confidential business information.


Prior to founding Aitken Legal, Craig received the Graduate Fellowship in Law and Innovation to pursue research on trade secrecy and confidential information at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.