Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Aitken Legal is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and knowledge workers through difficult or complex real-world issues. Accordingly, when it cannot be avoided, we understand that commercial litigation aims to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.


Whether plaintiff or defendant, our method is to develop a thorough understanding of your situation and most pressing concerns so that we can mutually formulate a strategy tailored to achieving your goals. We encourage reasonable settlement where this is possible. Yet we take pride in vigorously advocating on your behalf through the courts where necessary.


We possess broad experience in litigation, gained through successfully advocating for our clients at the superior court and appellate levels and for emergent matters heard by the commercial list. Our expertise includes all issues relating to breach of contract and technology law-related lawsuits, including the specific performance of contractual clauses, licensing and service agreements, partnerships and joint ventures, and the failure to perform obligations. We also have significant experience in intentional torts such as fraud, conspiracy, and inducement of breach of contracts, complex debt and judgment enforcement, and related issues in the security and bankruptcy and insolvency context. Finally, we take particular pride in our expertise in unfair competition, fiduciary obligations, trade secrecy, confidential information, and the ownership or control of intellectual property and related rights. 

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